Audi Rs7 and Rich ReBuilds dailycarblog
Police Confiscate Rich ReBuilds’ Audi RS7

Rich ReBuilds ditched his rebuilt Tesla Model S and replaced it with a 5-year-old Audi RS7 that he found sitting in a barn. The RS7 needed a lot of mechanical work done to the engine but was otherwise in excellent condition.

Rich ReBuilds set about doing the mechanical repairs himself, despite never working on a car engine before. But he manages to get the car up and running again with no issues.

As he takes the Audi RS7 out for a quick test drive he is stopped by the Police who confiscate his latest pride and joy because it didn’t have any plates. Why did he not put on the license plates? that is the real question.

Audi Rs7 and Rich ReBuilds dailycarblog
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