Hamilton celebrates 91st victory
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OK, so we’ve (The Daily Car Blog) been off work for a couple of days more than we anticipated. But we’re back and ready to go, here’s what we missed. 

Lewis Hamilton Secures 91st Victory At Eiffel GP

DCB Catch up Lewis Hamilton 2020 Eiffel GP

They all said that Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 F1 career wins would never be broken. But as Schumacher himself once said, records are there to be broken. Hamilton has yet to break Schumacher’s record but he did notch up victory 91 at the Eiffel Grand Prix. At the post race interview Mick Schumacher, son of Schumacher, presented Hamilton with one of his fathers racing helmets to mark the occasion. Hamilton is not yet finished with his F1 career and will surely go on to break the 100 race victory mark by 2021.

Audi Launches The Q8 Plug-in Hybrid

As manufacturers scramble to de-diesel their fleet/product range Audi recently entered the race to lower its emissions footprint by launching the Q8 Plug-in Hybrid. Audi’s flagship SUV will be powered by a V6 TFSIe V6, available in two power derivatives. The Q8 55 TFSIe and Q8 60 TFSI offers 375bhp (600Nm) and 455 bhp (700Nm) respectively. 

DCB Catch up Audi Q8 PHEV

The 17.8 kWh lithium-ion battery offers 18 miles of pure electric range with a pure-electric top speed of 84mph. The 8-speed auto will ensure minimal effort, maximum relaxation and the top speed is limited to 150mph. The Q8 Plugin Hybrid is priced in the UK from £73,860. Being the flagship of Audi’s SUV range expect all the creature comforts a car at this price point affords.

Tesla Lowers The Price of the Model S, But It’s Still Expensive

Flagship products are never cheap and deep pockets are always required as is the case with the Model S. Even Elon Musk admits that Tesla’s are too expensive, but don’t expect a cheaper Model S anytime soon. Tesla recently reduced the price of the Model S by $3,000. The Model S Long Range Plus is now a more affordable $71,990 while the Model Performance now costs $91,990. 

Plaid Model S dailycarblog.com

Mind you the Model S Long Range had, earlier in the year, received a $5,000 price cut.

Honda UK Urges Government To Give Hybrids A Chance

Honda UK has urged the UK government not to solely focus on electric cars as a way to reduce carbon emissions. Honda believes a “multi-pathway approach” is the best way forward. The company wants to offer a hybrid and pure electric product mix in a bid to reduce emissions and achieve the zen like state of carbon neutrality.

Honda E FQ dailycarblog.com

The Honda E is the company’s first electric car and offers a 125 mile range. However Honda believes that hybrid technology will get cleaner over time. That being said, Honda have had decades of experience with Hybrid and therefore plenty of time to refine the technology.

This appeal to the British government will most likely be ignored.

Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy Causes Agony For EU Regulators

Rolls Royce has informed customers that the optional illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy glass statue that raises and lowers from the the tip of the hood (bonnet) is illegal under recently introduced EU laws.

DCB Catch up Rolls Royce Spirit of Agony

The new law is intent on cutting light pollution, which is why the illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy is now permanently off the options menu. Rolls Royce will offer customers a free replacement with a metal statue, or a full refund. Such is life.

Hamilton celebrates 91st victory
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