Lamborghini Navarra - Concept 2023
Next Generation Lamborghini Aventador Imagined In Crystal Clear CGI
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The current generation Lamborghini Aventador recently bowed out of existence with two special editions, the Invencible Coupe and Autentica Roadster. The carbon fibre forged specials are the last of the Lamborghinis to feature a naturally aspirated V12, and in true Lamborghini fashion the rear-mounted engine’s last breath exhaled a ridiculous 769bhp and 719Nm of torque. Top speed? 221mph, 0-62mph? 2.8 seconds. Whatever comes next has a mighty big effort to outperform its predecessor.

In my opinion, the modern Lamborghini has become overstyled. According to numerous spy shots the Aventador’s successor will follow an evolutionary if slightly overstyled path. Lamborghinis have always been named after Spanish fighting bulls. One such bull was called Navarra, possibly the next name for the next-gen flagship Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Navarra - Concept 2023 - rear profile

But will the Aventador’s successor be powered by a V12? Yes it will, either a hybrid or plugin-hybrid which will boost power by at least 200bhp over the  naturally aspirated V12, or possibly more. So we could see a 1,000bhp V12 hybrid Lamborghini (Navarra). Which is completely ridiculous but completely Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Navarra - Concept 2023 - side profile

And get this, the Aventador’s successor will not break cover until the end of Q1 2023, yet it has already secured over 3,000 pre-orders to private and loyal Lamborghini customers. The flagship, hybrid Lamborghini will mark the firm’s first step into semi-electric cars before going pure electric by 2028.

YouTuber nad concept artist hycade rendered an SV-J performance version based on a recent blueprint leak of what is purported to be the Aventador’s successor, you watch it below.

Lamborghini Navarra - Concept 2023
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