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This Toyota Rav4 is Trying To Be A Real Suzuki Across
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This Suzuki Across is desperately trying not to be a Toyota Rav4 because it is indeed a Toyota RAV4. The Across is the equivalent of buying a £99 suit from Topshop, removing the label, and replacing it with a Hugo Boss label. In this case, the suit is the Toyota RAV4 and the wearer is Suzuki. So why has this see-no-hear, hear-no-see partnership happened? Emissions regulations.

Suzuki doesn’t have the recourses to engineer its way out of meeting new emissions regulations. Partnering with Toyota allows Suzuki to merely placate emissions lawmakers and avoid financial penalties. It’s a short term move with unresolved long term consequences. Anyway, the Suzuki Across is launching in the UK, if you are interested here’s what you need to know:

Suzuki Across UK Specification and Price:

  • Suzuki’s first new model to launch under the collaborative agreement between Suzuki Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation.
  • On sale in the UK in November 2020
  • Suzuki’s first plug-in Hybrid vehicle offering CO2 emissions of just 22g/km (WLTP)

Suzuki Across UK interior dailycarblog

  • Weighted combined WLTP fuel consumption of 282mpg (1litre/100km)
  • Combined power output of electric motors and petrol engine of 306HP.
  • Class leading EV range of 46 miles
  • 0-62mph in 6 seconds
  • One very high specification model available which includes E-Four electronic 4×4 system, leather seats, heated front and rear seats, heated steering wheel, Dual Zone Automatic Air Conditioning, auto function opening tailgate and 9” multimedia touchscreen

Suzuki Across UK, Rear dailycarblog

  • Very limited supply availability in the first full year
  • Priced at £45,599
  • Low Company Car BIK Banding of 6 per cent. (2020/2021)
  • Metallic and Mica Paint available as a no cost option from a choice of six colours

Suzuki Across RAV4 Dailycarblog
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