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5 Important Tips to Save on Auto Body Repair Costs After an Accident

Being in an auto accident can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. If you’re lucky enough to get out of the accident without any injuries, your car may not be. Car damages, including dings and dents, are usually unsightly and expensive to repair, regardless of how minor they can be. However, the good news is that you can save on the auto body repair cost by doing the following five things.

Remain Calm and Take Your Time

More often than not, people want to jump straight into the repair after an accident occurs. However, if you can, give yourself time to calm down. Avoid making hasty financial decisions based on emotions rather than logic.

Furthermore, try not to think about the repairs or how much they will cost. Instead, call the police and report the accident. After this, get medical attention. By calming yourself, you will be stopping yourself from making hasty and bad decisions.

Find a Reputable Auto Body Repair Shop

Take the time to find a reputable mechanic or auto body repair shop in your area. These companies have certified and experienced technicians who perform excellent work. They also offer their services at the most competitive prices and do not overcharge. If you don’t have an auto body shop you trust, ask your friends and family for recommendations.

You can visit local body shops as they rely on word of mouth and referrals to build their brand. A reputable local body shop like CSN 427 Auto Collision will offer you accurate, affordable quotes, and ensure that you receive the best value for your money.

Get Different Quotes From Multiple Body Shops

Shop around for the best deal possible from different body shops. While many shops offer competitor price-matching, others charge less to attract customers. You don’t have to stick with the shop that towed your car from the accident site. Call different body shops and ask for a quote to know which price is acceptable and which is an overcharge.

Use Your Insurer’s Body Shop

You can save on auto body repair costs after an accident by using the auto repair shop recommended by your insurance company. The insurance company might cover the needed repairs if you have the right coverage in your auto policy. By using an “approved mechanic,” your insurer will cover most or all of the repair cost.

Do Not Neglect Any Issue

Some damages, such as scratches or dents, can seem small and unworthy of fixing straight away. This is wrong, as neglecting them will result in a loss of money eventually. If you fail to fix deep scratches and dents as soon as you can, they will deteriorate and become more serious. These seemingly minor issues can result in the metal rusting. You can prevent this by taking care of every small car repair issue when you identify it.


Even the slightest damage, ding, or dent can reduce the value of your car. This is why it is often advisable to fix any car damage immediately by taking your car to a professional auto body shop. After an accident, always make the effort to take your car to an auto body shop, even if you can’t see what’s wrong with it. With the tips above, you can save on the total repair cost.

Hand Polishing Tips by Ammo NYC dailycarblog
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