Fiat 500e Autogefuhl review 2020 dailycarblog
Back Issue Forces Autogefuel To Squat During Fiat 500e Review

A pre-existing back issue has forced Autogeful’s Thomas to squat walk during the review of the new Fiat 500e. The all-new generation Fiat 500e is 96-percent new and is now slightly longer and wider than the previous generation. As you may have guessed the 500e is a pure electric car, it’s actually based on the Peugeot 208e.

Autogefuhl points out that the 500e is available in two battery derivatives, 24kWh which offers 100 miles of range and the 42kWh version which offers around 190 miles. Top speed is rated at 80 and 90 mph respectively.

Actually, we would recommend buying the 500e as a second car for local commuting. The entry-level petrol-powered Fiat 500 starts from £11,000. The 500e is a reasonable £19,000 after applying for a £3,0000 EV grant.

Fiat 500e Autogefuhl review 2020 dailycarblog
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