Professional Truck Driving: The Life of the Highway
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Professional truck driving is an exciting job. It is reserved for those with great strength and character. The job requires drivers to transport millions-worth goods across cities. Though there could be lonely nights and a few hitches, the drivers remain focused on their goal. Meanwhile, despite its challenges, the drivers get to enjoy travelling across different cities. Ultimately, these all point to the need for quality training before taking the driver’s seat.

Qualities a Professional Truck Driver Must Have

Aspiring truck drivers require quality training to build their driving skills and mental strength. Coupled with these, a good trucker is also expected to show a high level of character and discipline. This is mainly because of the weight of responsibility they carry. Hence, a well-trained driver is expected to exhibit these characteristics:

1. Responsibility

Being an excellent trucker demands great responsibility. This entails transporting and delivering the goods safely. Also, drivers have to look out for their other colleagues driving the same roads.

2. Organization

Good truckers are organized. Usually, they study the route they will take before they hit the road. Also, they ensure that they have all the necessary emergency (or backup) equipment and safety before they start the journey. An organized driver shows more remarkable professionalism as they drive. They are calmer and respectful of traffic rules. Hence, they record fewer records of vehicle breakdowns and traffic accidents.

3. Stress Management Skills

This job requires drivers to travel long hours at a stretch. In cases of a vehicle breakdown, the drivers will need to stay alert against any potential bandits. Driving through narrow routes or getting stuck in traffic can also be very stressful. Thus, a good driver must be excellent at managing stress to survive the demands of the job.

4. Professionalism

Truck driving demands professionalism. This means following all road rules, regulations, and decorum. Aside from this, the drivers will need to demonstrate good road leadership and should be able to comprehend other drivers’ flaws and inadequacies. 

5. Timeliness

This is important since the job demands strict adherence to delivery time. Thus, good truckers come in early to pick their goods to cover for unforeseen delays. Punctuality is a must-have for a good truck driver.

Training and Licensing 

Attending a professional transport driver training school  is an essential milestone for any aspiring truck driver. This is because these institutions provide a power-pack of all essential knowledge, experience and standards that guarantee road safety. Over the years, they have continued to train people to become professional transport drivers. More so, they offer skill upgrade classes for drivers. Their teaching methods involve comprehensive classroom and practical sessions, allowing them to produce drivers that are informed and composed. 

UK law requires all truck drivers to pass four tests that make up the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). Also, they are required to take 35 hours periodic training every five years to stay qualified.


A trucking career isn’t as easy as many people think. It requires a great deal of skill, training, and quality preparation. At the minimal level, this will aid in the reduction of common automobile casualties on the highways.

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