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The BMW iX is Actually Cool Looking From A Certain Point of View
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We would like to remind you that we here at the Daily Car Blog are not in bed with the career psychopaths over at BMW HQ, that ship slowly floated away a long time ago. We still believe BMW makes premium luxury rubbish vehicles and that rather blunt assessment is backed up by data and analysis. BMW is consistently at the top for being the least reliable car brand. EVERYWHERE! Yet for years we the consuming public have been fuelled, gaslighted if you will, into believing that BMW is the very best in automotive engineering. 

We do not dispute BMW’s engineering excellence, one can not deny that that. But the brand’s reliability is sodding awful. BMW sort your shit out before you start with the bullshit and gaslighting the suckers who buy into your marketing drivel.

BMW iX SE Daily Car Blog News

Now that the opening rant is over, let me divert your attention to the BMW iX. It’s an all-electric SUV. The design language is clearly influenced by the i3, indeed the BMW iX resembles a supersized i3. Minimalism says BMW is the approach for the iX. And from the images, it looks deceptively small but its about or slightly larger than a BMW X3.

The BMW iX is powered by two electric motors, very complicated stuff is going on underneath. But most people will understand that iX is rated at 100 kWh which equates to 500 bhp and allows for a 0-62 time of under 5.0 seconds. That 100 kWh of battery energy allows for a total range of 300 miles. The latter sounds rather too optimistic.

BMW iX interior Daily Car Blog News

BMW also claims that the iX will charge from 10 to 80 percent in 40 minutes, but you’ll have to use a 200 kW DC fast charging terminal to get that performance. BMW is also boasting about weight-saving measures and dynamic handling with optimized aerodynamics. Nice. The iX will be available to order in the UK from late 2021 and is expected to retail for around £70,000. The EV future is still very expensive for most.

BMW iX RQ Daily Car Blog News

But you know what? we actually like the styling, of everything. The infamous Kidney Grill really does suit the styling of the car and doesn’t look preposterously out of place as it does on the 4 Series Coupe. We even like the hippy-chic interior. However, it must be noted that a mass-produced vehicle purporting to save the world for all of us is an oxymoron of the highest order.

To reiterate, we here at the Daily Car Blog give the BMW iX a big thumbs up. That being said, BMW sort your other shit out before you gaslight your target market.

BMW iX Daily Car Blog News
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