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The Volkswagen ID Space Vizzion Is Good To Go
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For over 25 years Volkswagen sold all of us a story that VW diesel engines were the cleanest ever made. We now know the story to be just that… a story. A story based on a lie. In legal terms, a lie used for the purposes of generating sales is called… fraud. Legally speaking if this blog often repeated the lie that Daily Car Blog is the best blog in the world, that is an example of fraud. Nevertheless, the reason why the car industry is transitioning to electric cars is a direct result of Volkswagen, the blame lies with them. Why? Deiselgate. Yet they, VW, are still fawned upon their every word analyzed and inhaled as if delivered by a leader of a macabre cult group. Why is that? Many in the automotive publishing world are attuned to Volkswagen’s marketing and advertising spend and willingly turn a blind eye to Volkswagen’s misdeeds. Some even went as far as defending the existence of diesel and petrol cars. A sycophantic nod to VW’s advertising warriors. And just another example of how far automotive journalists are buried up VW’s arse.

I mean committing fraud on literally an industrial scale is something that would make you think twice about Volkswagen’s corporate ethics. But those who fawn over Volkswagen do so for their personal advantage and personal gain. We filtered our way out of that world a long time ago, finding a group of career psychopaths at VW UK seemingly only interested in serving their personal ambitions above all else. Or as we refer to them, the suicide squad. End of personal rant.

Volkswagen Space Vizzion Concept Estate RQ dailycarblog

The Volkswagen ID3 and ID4 is Volkswagen’s chance to rewrite the past, to make amends for past crimes. But in reality,the man-made fallout of Dieselgate and then the subsequent signing of the Paris Climate Accord meant VW had to change or die. And the reality is that the ID3 and ID4 are a direct result of Volkswagen’s criminality. At the end of the day, the buying public will forgive, forget, and move on very quickly.

Volkswagen Space Vizzion Concept Estate interior dailycarblog

And the double irony is that pre-orders for the ID3 and ID4 are going through the roof, demand is exceeding supply. Not even Tesla can compete. And Volkswagen is further pushing the drive to an electric car future with the Space Vizzion, a pure electric estate, we presume, based on the ID3.

Volkswagen Space Vizzion Concept Estate RPS dailycarblog

Volkswagen claims the Space Vizzion will offer a 435 mile range (700km). After converting the lies into real miles we estimate the Space Vizzion will have a real world range of 250-300 miles because that is the current limit for electric vehicular battery technology as of now. Entry-level models will have 201bhp rising to 301bhp for top-spec variants. Expect 2WD and 4WD derivatives.

Volkswagen Space Vizzion Concept Estate internals dailycarblog

The Space Vizzion is currently deemed to be a concept car, but it looks close to production-ready to our mortal eyes. And it appears to closely follow the design language trends debuted in the ID3 and ID4. Production is scheduled to begin in 2023, cost? $45,000 (prediction).

Volkswagen Space Vizzion Concept Estate dailycarblog
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