Wood Carved Scale Model car dailycarblog
This Wood Carved Ford Mustang GT500 Scale Model, is Better Than The Real Thing

Woodworking Art started off as just an ordinary wood carving YouTube channel to express the skill demonstrated by the channel owner and carver of said wood. Early videos show wood carved statues. However, when he uploaded videos of his wood carved scale model cars, suddenly the channel drew in millions of views.

In YouTube land, more views allows for monetization. And now Woodworking Art YouTube channel man carves nothing other than scale model cars, entirely out of wood. Using chisel’s and machine tools, the YouTuber’s skill is improving with every upload. 

Everything is done by eye and basic hand drawn references. Clearly this YouTuber has a high degree of skill and a camera that can shoot 2K footage. Meanwhile on planet Earth, I can’t even make a decent sandwich.

Wood Carved Scale Model car dailycarblog
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