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Carwow’s Mat Watson Reviews The Bloody Irritating VW Arteon Shooting Brake

Carwow are no longer speaking to us. They no longer respond to our emails begging for access to their superbly stocked snack bar. We, the Daily Car Blog went AWOL over Mercedes, who just happen to be investors in Carwow. Oh well, you live and learn, although we merely exist to exist. And admittedly we never learn, for as long as there is injustice in this world the Daily Car Blog will be… there… to point out the wrong from the good… anyway.

Carwow and Mat Watson do great car reviews, the cheeky chappie persona of Mat Watson has drawn in a lot of views and subs. And when you are as big as Carwow has become you can say anything and get away with it. Within reason of course. And Mat Watson gets to review the bloody irritating Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake.

The Arteon is bloody irritating for many reasons and without the adaptive suspension, the Arteon is hopeless. But you can not argue against the style.

Legal Disclaimer:

We have never emailed Carwow begging for access to the corporate snack bar. Mat Watson does not and has never referred to the Arteon as “bloody irritating”.

The Daily Car Blog believes the Arteon is bloody irritating.

Arteon Shooting Brake Dailycarblog
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