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Carwow’s Mat Watson Reluctantly Debut’s New 100% Burberry Cashmere Scarf

Mat Watson has started the new year by reluctantly modeling his new 100-percent Burberry cashmere scarf, which costs an eye-watering £370. Clearly, Carwow pays Mat Watson a handsome salary. This is a far cry from his humble beginnings. He started his career working in the last of the black country coal mines replacing the carbon monoxide stricken Canary. His career took off during his time as a rag and bone man. But this meant he had to leave behind his trusty horse and rickety cart.

He was spotted by an executive from a well-known motoring magazine who saw his on-screen potential and from there on he never looked back. From grimy collieries to mingling with the elites of London and Surrey. Now Mat is more at home wearing a £370 Burberry cashmere scarf.

Burberry Cashmere Scarf - dailycarblog
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