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Volkswagen Employs Some Very Fine People
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If you want to know why we believe the Volkswagen Polo is so overrated and is no better than a plastic bucket you can buy on Aliexpress then here is an example. The VW Polo is due for an update in 2022 and a spy photographer captured next year’s model out in the open being tested. And the test revealed more than new styling cues, it also revealed the type of employee VW prefers. Or you could say lack of German discipline. Not a great way to represent your brand, a brand which is often marketed as family-friendly.

Obviously, Volkswagen is no Disney and the current Polo is no fairytale it’s more of a cartoon caricature these days, like this VW test driver. The VW Polo is a work of fiction, more QAnon than best compact hatch because we can’t understand how something so awful is given so much positive coverage by the motoring media. Mind you Volkswagen themselves has been telling stories for 25 years. Specifically, the story of the clean VW diesel engine will haunt VW forevermore.

VW Polo not very fine people - dailycarblog

Nevertheless, the 2022 VW Polo will feature new styling upgrades, front and rear bumpers, headlights taillights. The engine lineup will be unchanged, VW will more than likely tinker with the ECU to boost a little extra power and efficiency across the engine range. But the biggest issue we identified with the Polo was the lack of quality and engineering refinement. With entry-level prices starting at £17k in the UK, the Polo simply isn’t worth considering. 

VW Polo very fine people - dailycarblog
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