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Your Guide On How To Use A Winch For Your Jeep

If you’re into off-roading, a winch is an essential add-on for any vehicle, so it’s a very common upgrade among Jeep owners no matter what model they prefer. A Winch is a pulling device, typically consisting of an engine-powered wheel that can be used to retract a length of rope or cable after it’s been attached to another object. Most of the time, the purpose of your winch is to pull yourself out of a tight spot, but it can also be used to pull out other vehicles or even the occasional stump. Getting the most out of your winch is a matter of setting up a Jeep build that maximizes its power and potential.

Using a Winch To Pull Your Vehicle

If you’re stuck in mud or deep snow and you need to use your winch to get out, the key is understanding how to select the right anchor point and accessories. The easiest way is a lateral pull with a natural anchor, but what counts as a natural anchor? Well, you need something sturdy you can attach your Jeep Wrangler winch to, something that won’t pull free when the winch starts to wind your rope or cable. That way, the winch’s action will have to pull your Jeep to the anchor instead of pulling the anchor to your Jeep. Select a heavy rock, small boulder, or sturdy tree for the job.

The next order of business is attaching the winch line to the anchor. You’ll want a range of accessories for this, because you never know what you’ll find for an anchor. Rocks and boulders have sharp edges sometimes, which can fray ropes and safety straps if they’re made from certain materials, so a lot of people use chains on rock anchors. Chains damage trees, though, often badly. Straps designed to minimize the impact on trees you use to anchor your winch are a must-have for any adventure if you’re going to respect the landscape and leave it looking pristine for fellow travelers.

Once attached, you’ll need to put the vehicle in neutral, then start the winch motor. Be careful not to run it too quickly, the key is progress pulling out, not speed. Once you’re clear, detach from the anchor and go.

Upgrades To Support a Winch

Most of the upgrades that make a winch easier to use and more effective also work out as generally good ideas for any off-road build because they help you navigate the rough terrain, lowering the chances you’ll get stuck in the first place.

  • A Jeep Wrangler lift kit allows for tire upgrades while adding extra reinforcement for the suspension
  • Jeep rim and tire packages for outdoor builds allow you to add larger wheels and specialized tire builds to suit your destination
  • Performance brakes built for the trail provide stopping power when you need it

If you’re still working out the best winch for your Jeep build, it’s worth considering a winch/hoist combo. That way, you’re not just set up for lateral pulls, you’re also able to lift and tow where necessary. The combination of actions can be ideal if you’re using the Jeep to clear and maintain trail or if you might wind up needing to tow another vehicle.

Jeep Winch Consumer Advice Dailycarblog
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