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Ford To Allow Google To Datamine The Hell Out of New Customers
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Ford has finally admitted defeat, and not for the first time, as it reveals the signing of an accord with Google to datamine the hell out of future customers. Under the new deal Ford will install Google’s Android operating system into new vehicles from 2023. The agreement will run for six years. Carmakers such as Ford can not compete with the advanced software technology Google Android delivers. The integration of the Android software OS into Ford’s infotainment system will significantly improve usability. Android’s voice technology is so advanced that it could negate the need for a touchscreen altogether. A future vehicle could rely on voice commands alone, that’s how advanced Andriod will become.

But this advanced technology will come at a cost. Google will receive a percentage of sales per unit, that’s no secret. But the real value for Google is data. Think of Google as the center of a large galaxy, and at the centre of every galaxy is a supermassive black hole. The supermassive black hole regulates the entire galaxy, it’s power is absolute. Google’s powerful supermassive black hole has a sole purpose. It is to suck up your data and eject it in the form of superhot consumer services and targeted advertising gas.

Supermassive black hole - daily car blog

However, Google stated that the data generated by the cars would not be shared with or sold to third parties. So what happens to the data generated by vehicles? And what about personal data? Google hasn’t stated that it will not share user-generated data. You see where this is going? it’s a little bit murky.

Ford should allow users of Android-based cars an opt-out clause if they so desire. If not, then they should pay users a percentage of the revenue generated by Google’s datamine algorithms. If they did the latter, then sign me up straight away.

Datamine Ford Google Dailycarblog
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