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Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Future in Doubt After Signing One Year Contract Extension With Mercedes
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Somewhat inevitably and predictably Lewis Hamilton has belatedly re-signed with Mercedes AMG F1. Not surprising considering Valtteri Bottas subliminally let it slip out in an interview two weeks ago. Hamilton and Mercedes played a game of Russian roulette and brinksmanship down to the very last wire. And finally, it was announced, yesterday, that both Hamilton and Mercedes F1 had agreed on terms. Although the duration of the contract was a surprise. As it stands, Hamilton signed a one-year contract extension when many were predicting three or two.

Either way, it signals that Hamilton will call it quits in 2021 or he could sign a one-year contract extension thereafter. Mercedes F1 boss cited a number of reasons why Hamilton opted for one year contract such as the late, late brinkmanship negotiations, budget cap, regulatory changes the pandemic, the setting, and rising sun. Whatever the reason a one-year contract extension for the greatest driver in the history of the sport is a negative statement of intent.

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F1 pundits bemoaned Hamilton’s salary demands, in theory, Mercedes can easily afford his asking price. Daimler Benz is worth $172 billion. And when they cite the F1 budget cap, regulation changes, lower demand caused by the pandemic it’s all a smokescreen. A mega-corporation pleading poverty is utterly ridiculous, even during a global pandemic. Nevertheless, both parties released warm PR constructed statements

We’ll spare you of the saccharinity. Hamilton’s one-year contract extension is an uncertain way to continue a partnership that has brought many rewards and many riches. for both parties. Indeed the whole situation seems odd. And the only conclusion to draw is that 2021 will be Lewis Hamilton’s last year in F1. The reality is F1 is and always will be a revolving door.

Lewis Hamilton has won all there is to win, apart from aiming for a record-breaking 8th title, what more has he left to prove?

Lewis Hamiotn F1 Contract Extension dailycarblog
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