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This Widebody 1970 Dodge Challenger Concept Render Looks Totally Dope

The 1970 Dodge Challenger is Americana from another era, a time when big V8 two-door coupes ruled over the SUV. The type of car that was driven by gangland murderers and celebrities of the day. Its predecessor, the Dodge Charger, was also famously, or infamously depending on your views, depicted as General Lee on the TV Series Dukes of Hazzard. Only a TV series could whitewash the slave owing commander of the Confederate states and give him the status of a man of peace. Anyway, the first generation 1970 Dodge Challenger was powered by a good old V8, which could pump out 425bhp for top-spec versions. Even for the time that was a lot of muscle and in those days traction control didn’t exist, indeed cars were comparatively very basic back in the 1970s.

1970 Dodge Challenger, rear, Dailycarblog

But the Dodge Challenger lives on, a fully restored example circa 1970 can fetch up to $80,000. An expertly restored example can fetch over $149,000. That’s because as time passes fewer and fewer vintage Challengers remain. And with the advent of electric cars, prices for these old analog machines from a time gone by will only continue to rise. Timothy Adry decided to restore a 1970s Dodge Challenger, albeit digitally. Armed with nothing more than a Wacom Tablet and 3D software Blender, Adry recreated the Challenger as a widebody concept render.

1970 Dodge Challenger - Dailycarblog

As with all wide-body conversions, it is customary to lower the ride height to insane levels and bolt-on massive, low-profile tires. And no widebody is complete without the custom spec widebody kit. Personally, we would raise the ride height. However, the wide body look really suits the Challenger’s 50-year-old design and brings it right up to date. It’s retro, but not as you know it.

1970 Dodge Challenger - Front - Dailycarblog
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