Daily Car Blog lifts Land Rover Banning order
Daily Car Blog Temporarily Lifts Banning Order on The Land Rover Defender
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The Daily Car Blog has taken the unprecedented step to temporarily lift a permanent ban on Land Rover. The decision to do so was based on a renewed desire to celebrate this iconic brand, to become corporate stenographers while hiding behind the facade of professional journalism. Yes… I said professionalism…AHEM! And here we have the all-new Land Rover Defender in all its glory. This is an image of Land Rover we can truly appreciate, it’s a narrative familiar to Land Rover UK PR, which from our experience is routinely going up in smoke. The brand new Defender spontaneously combusted because Land Rover, after 75 years of existence, still has no idea about how to make a reliable car. Even when it is parked up, on display, in a showroom in Wiltshire, England.

Many thousands of English pounds worth of damage was caused to the showroom belonging to the Dick Lovett Land Rover dealership. According to various reports, the fire ignited while the batteries were being charged within the designated display area. Fortunately, no one at the dealership was injured. However, staff members could not contain the fire which spread rapidly.

Local Fire crews arrived at the scene to save the day and prevented serious damage from being caused to the building’s infrastructure. A Land Rover UK PR clone-bot responded to the news by simply stating: ‘We are aware of this report and supporting the team at Melksham.’

That is typical Land Rover UK PR, no thought of compassion for those employees who they put at risk. The only support Land Rover will give is to tell staff members to keep quiet or face the prospect of unemployment. The keep it simple statement is designed to limit any corporate liability and deny responsibility. Land Rover, a caring brand you can trust.


The Daily Car Blog has reinstated the permanent ban on all Land Rover products. Effective immediately.

Daily Car Blog lifts Land Rover Banning order
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