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BMW’s New 8 Series Is Crushing It

With a price tag of more than £70,000 or $100,000, the new BMW 8 Series is a premium offering. Not everyone is going to be able to buy one of these beasts. However, once you find out a little more about it, you’re sure to want one. The new 8 Series from BMW is designed to replace the 6 Series. It’s going to become BMW’s line of four-door gran coupés, with two diesel two-door versions thrown in for good measure. BMW is supplying M8 versions for each two-door and four-door body option. So enthusiasts who want raw power can always get it, no matter which kind of machine they want to buy. 

On the outside, the BMW 8 Series represents the new face of the German automaker. The radically-updated style of the car retains the brand’s traditional look but reimagines it in a way that readies it for the 2020s. The front of the car looks like something straight out of Bladerunner. 

The M850i features a high-performance 530BHP version of BMW’s standard 4.4-liter V8 engine. The performance characteristics of the vehicle, therefore, are extreme. The acceleration you get is similar to that of a top-of-the-range supercar from the early 2000s. It looks relatively respectable on the outside. But under the hood is a raging beast you’ll struggle to tame. 

Servicing requirements are likely to be high – as they are with many BMWs. But support from sites like is improving. Running a supercar isn’t the labor of love it once was. 

Further to that, BMW has improved the suspension and the steering of the vehicle to make it more reliable and robust. And that’s a good thing because the car weighs in at a massive 1.9 tons. 

You shouldn’t find any problems with the gearing. However, old-school petrol heads will find it a little soft for their liking. 

The 8 Series features some of BMW’s most advanced driver’s aids, according to But again, you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. Cruise control and electronic split differential are there if you need them. But BMW clearly wanted to make a driver’s car. They don’t want to turn into yet another car marker churning out uninspiring vehicles. They want to make something that feels raw. 

Despite the sporty appearance, performance, and price tag, the vehicle is surprisingly practical. There’s a massive fuel tank that will take you more than 500 miles before you need to stop. And there’s actually room in the boot for your golf clubs, which is always nice. 

On the inside, BMW hasn’t changed an awful lot. The interior looks virtually identical to most BMWs built after 2018. There’s a center screen, instrument console, and HUD. You also get all the switches and dials for iDrive. 

Perhaps the biggest changes are to the TFT-screen instrument cluster. You get a big screen with lots of diagrams on it and plenty of information about where you’re going. There’s also Apple CarPlay which works via Bluetooth – helpful when you want to pump out all your favorite tunes.

New BMW 8 Series Coupe Horray Dailycarblog
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