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Tips on Negotiating with Mercedes Benz Dealers

At a time when the car has become a necessity, not a symbol of luxury, its purchase has been raised to a higher level. Those who buy a new four-wheeler don’t have too many concerns because they choose a vehicle under warranty. On the other hand, people who plan to buy a used car must be much more careful. There are many dilemmas, whether it is more profitable to buy a new or used car. See the comparative costs of these two purchases on this page. This decision depends on many factors, primarily on your budget and what you want for your money. Still, there seems to be a slight advantage on the side of used four-wheelers, especially Mercedes brand models.

Research from A-1 Auto Transport shows that the price of used vehicles of this brand is dropping slowly, which, in a way, reflects the quality of the brand itself. Also, for the price of a new middle/lower class vehicle, you can find a used Mercedes Benz in top condition, with a lot of equipment, and sometimes under warranty.

Once you have decided which car model you want, the next step is to find an authorized Mercedes Benz dealership. But don’t think that purchase will be easy. Unless you are willing to pay the fixed price for a vehicle, prepare for the negotiation process. Keep in mind that you can always drop the price when buying a used car. How much that will depend on your negotiation skills.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

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It’s not enough just to know what price you want to pay for a four-wheeler and negotiate with the dealer whether or not they will accept it. You need arguments to lower the price, and you will only get them if you do your homework and learn something about the car model you are buying.
More than ever, customers today can access all the information they want. On the Internet, you can find car features, compare the prices of similar models, find affordable ways to finance the purchase and read the experiences of other drivers. You can make comparisons of several models with similar features.

While looking for the Mercedes model you want to buy, you need to consider many things; not just what is written in the ads. Every seller will praise their goods, and few will point out some flaws. So, you should keep an eye on car reviews on unbiased websites and platforms dealing with vehicles.

Gain Initial Advantage

Before starting negotiations, be sure to find out about your credit score. If it’s good, it gives you a big advantage at the beginning of the negotiations, because you have more financing options. The worse the credit score, the more rigorous the buying conditions will be. You won’t have much room to lower the price.

Mercedes Benz Dealership Negotiations Showroom dailycarblogExperts from Northstar Motor reveal the trick that many car dealers – presenting the price of the car to you in monthly installments, not the complete amount. By doing a simple calculation, you can reach the final figure (plus fees and interests). But it’s always better for you to take the lead in the negotiations and ask for the total price first.

Know Financing Options

Note that you will discuss financing options later. To be ready for that, learn as much about current interest rates, loan options, and calculate how that fits your monthly budget. Know the installment that suits you and try to negotiate it. It’s good if you could get a loan preapproval from the bank if you consider this financing method

Be Confident

Once the salesperson came up with the car price, it’s time to show off your knowledge. Be sure of yourself and let them know you’ve done your homework. Explain that you’ve done market research and feel free to show them the best car price you find. Ask dealers and dealership managers if they can beat it. If they are willing to do that, you probably have a deal.That is a good negotiation technique because it shows that you are informed and have a justified reason to drop the estimated car value.

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The sellers are ready for this. They form in advance the lowest price below which they won’t go. That is usually the amount close to the rate you are offering. So, there is always room for a price cut.

Never be the first to suggest a price for the car model you want. It means that you won’t be able to drop it later. There is a chance that the car dealers would suggest a lower price than yours. So, let them speak first.

Turn off Emotions

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Trade is a science. In order for someone to do this job, many skills are needed, including the ability to persuade buyers through emotions. Car dealers know that the purchase will be completed quickly if they somehow praise the buyers and make them feel comfortable. Many don’t hesitate to flatter.

Below you’ll see the list of things you should never tell a salesperson:

Don’t fall for that; it’s a commercial trap. Sure, car dealers must be kind and friendly. There’s nothing wrong with this behavior, as long as traders are polite and unobtrusive. But more than that, it’s a tactic to make you develop some emotion towards them and be more ready to accept their deal. If you’re not immune to sweet talk, take a friend with you to help you ‘fight’ it.

Skilled traders will try to ‘soften’ you with a casual chat. Between price offers, there may be a somewhat awkward silence that sellers will try to fill with small talks. Don’t intimidate too much, because it can distract you from the negotiations.

Experienced Mercedes Benz dealers have made hundreds of sales so far. You have only bought a four-wheeler a couple of times so far. Negotiation experience is on their side, but don’t give up and fall for kind words. Remember that car purchase is a business transaction, not friendly chatting. You have come to ‘fight’ for a budget-friendly deal for your desired car model. Use your knowledge and bargaining power to get it.

Mercedes Benz Dealership Negotiations dailycarblog
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