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Jeremiah Clarkson: When is The TVR Grift Going To End?

Seven years! Seven bl..dy years and TVR has nothing to show for their efforts other than a show car and plenty of platitudes. In my opinion, the TVR shite show, (I am no longer able to use ‘real’ foul language, curse the search engine algorithms!) is a fucking disgrace. OOOPS! Seven f..king years and all TVR has to show for this very British resurrection is a well organised shite show. See, I used the term “shite” and not s#it because the powers that be at DCBHQ have made it clear to me that DCB should be known for its fucking professionalism. And talking of professionalism, why is TVR given a free pass by some in the automotive press? What is it with softball interviews and the gaslighting?

Autocar, for example, has given TVR a perch on which to spout platitudes. Autocar, they have the best journalists, the best editors, the best writers. The level of grammar in Autocar makes DCBHQ look like the daily amateur hour. The truth is, TVR has failed to deliver, so why does Autocar give oxygen to the shite show… ooops, did it again. In one such article Autocar reveals TVR has a customer base in the hundreds. Is that 101 or 300, or 800?

By their own evidence, hundreds of customer deposits do not make a summer. How many of those customers will convert to buyers? After several years of TVR platitudes, I can guesstimate the customer conversion rate will be… zero. If I can ask these simple questions, and I am epically stupid, why can Autocar not ask the same question or at least be more probing?

It’s a shite show  I tells yeh, a shite show!

According to the silver-tongued TVR Chairman, Les Edgar, TVR will go fully electric. More platitudes? I think so, TVR doesn’t even have a production facility, they have plenty of nice concept images but it’s all a bit Yellow brick road. As a comparison, the proposed TVR production site in Wales is twice as big as Aston Martin’s facility in Gaydon Warwickshire.

Why do you need such a huge facility to make ‘hundreds’ of vehicles a year?

It’s a shite show I tells yeh!

Autocar also discloses that TVR will imminently announce a partner for the development of an EV platform. How long is imminent in TVR world? several years?

It’s a shite show I tells yeh.

If you still believe in TVR gravy train I pity you not because one day you will wake up in a cold sweat after suffering a nightmare vision of TVR blaming the pandemic and politics for forcing it to close down. Only then will you realize it wasn’t a nightmare at all.

The TVR debacle is why I believe motoring journalism is dead.

Jeremy Clarkson and Jeremy Clarkson - Daily Car Blog
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