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Jeremiah Clarkson: Plug-in Hybrids Are About As Much Use As A Rusty Nail

Hello there! Jeremiah Clarkson here, the liberal non-bigoted, non-racist, woke, awakened long lost brother of Jeremy Clarkson. Not been contributing for a while, decided to take some time off from all things cars, but now I is back mon… got to use a bit of Jamaican patois from time to time to prove I’m not a racist. HOO-HAA! Anyway, plugin-hybrids sound like a set of wiring instructions but in actuality, it refers to a gas-powered car ( gotta get American patois in from time to time) combined with an electric powertrain. Yes, I said electric powertrain, despite not fully understanding what it means. Not fully understanding your subject matter is the perfect qualification for being a motoring journalist.

A Plugin-in Hybrid, we are told, cuts vehicle emissions, but how can two diametrically opposed powertrains lower emissions? One plus one equals two, two is better than one… and also more polluting. I have never understood why plugin-hybrids exist at all. I do know car manufacturers love them because they can be used to prop up their emissions credit scores and show EU emissions regulators something is being done to dodge being fined for missing CO2 targets. The future habitability of the planet, our planet, can go to hell.

Think about it for a second, driving around with three major components, an ICE engine, an electric motor and a rechargeable battery pack, how on earth is that eco-friendly? The environmental activists love plugin-hybrids because they are used to hypocrisy, after all activists fly commercial jets, private if your Greta Thunberg. Activists use public transport, drive cars, and vent vast amounts of CO2 every time they gather in their masses to protest. The world’s gone mad I tells yeh.

Plugin-Hybrids often have an electric range of 30 miles. As technology progresses plugin hybrids will offer yet more range and when that does happen you may as well opt for a fully electric car.

My theory is that plugin hybrids exist to prove just how futile plugin hybrids are and the evidence is based on… the futility of plugin hybrids.

Jeremy Clarkson and Jeremy Clarkson - Daily Car Blog
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