Ford GT, Enes Yilmazer, Palm Jumeriah, Dubai
Car Style, Enes Yilmazer Tours A $45M Palm Jumeriah Mansion in A Ford GT

Ex-realtor and now expert property YouTuber is in Dubai visiting Palm Jumeriah, the man-made tree-shaped island known for super expensive mansions, glitzy hotels, exclusive apartment towers and high-end globally renowned restaurants. The property has a list price of $45,000,000 and comprises 5 bedrooms, 7 baths, a private swimming pool, and more besides.

The property is fully furnished and finished to a very high standard as one might expect for a mansion situated on a private man-made island and costing $45M USD. The real interest lies in the garage. There are garages and then there are garages. The garage in this particular property is next level.

And the garage is decked out with a fleet of supercars, hypercars, and ultra-luxury cars. Most of us will never reach this next level of living but we can at least aspire to… one day. Yilmazer makes a dramatic entrance by driving a Ford GT, like a boss.

Property Specification:

The Palm Jumeirah,

Dubai, UAE Specs:

5 Bedrooms,

7 Baths

16,963 Sq ft interior space

15,836 Sq ft Lot Listing

Price: $ 45,000,000

Listed by: B1 Properties Property Link:……

Ford GT, Enes Yilmazer, Palm Jumeriah, Dubai
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