this awesome house in Surrey, England Daily Car Blog
Car Style – This Awesome House Has An Underground Car Park

This awesome house is no ordinary house. No sir, this awesome house is indeed a luxury mansion located deep in the Surrey heartland of St George’s Hill, a 900 acres private estate, home to people so wealthy it hurts. Camp End Manor is inspired by the 19th century Regency period building style, which is based on classical Greek and Roman architecture.

Located centrally on 1-acre plot, it is rooted in the landscape with each of its four elevations defining and responding to a separate area of the garden and landscape beyond. The interior is supremely well-appointed, the lower ground floor even has a swimming pool.

It is safe to assume this brand new luxury house is expensive. Yes, it is considering that it has an asking price of £14M. But for us, the underground car park steals the show. Just imagine how many supercars this could hold? Try to imagine at least (8 cars).

this awesome house in Surrey, England Daily Car Blog
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