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The Engineering of Tesla Model 3 Electric Motor Explained

The Induction electric motor vs the magnetic-reluctance electric motor, these are the burning questions not within the mind’s eye of every Tesla Model 3 owner. Most Tesla owners, be it the Model 3 or Model S, are probably thinking about tomorrow morning’s Costa Coffee latte and whether it should be paired with a savory or sweet accompaniment. The induction motor was invented by Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago, today it is mainly used in water pumps, kitchen appliances, fans, and air conditioners, common industrial machinery like boiler pumps and compressors.

Nikola Tesla’s original design was so advanced for the time that it has remained virtually unchanged. And the electric car company that bears his name originally opted for induction motor technology. An induction motor generates high spinning forces by passing an electric current through a bunch of conductive wires wrapped around a bunch of magnates which makes the magnates angry enough to spin an internal barrel at high rpm.

Admittedly that’s an extremely simplified explanation. However, Tesla the car company has abandoned induction motors in favor of the IPM-SynRM technology, which is best explained as an evolution of the Nikola Tesla induction motor. Learn engineering explains how it all works in the video above.

Electric Motor Nikola Tesla Dailycarblog
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