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Cleaning A Ferrari For The First Time in 3 Years Be Like…

Ammo NYC is cleaning a Ferrari 458 Spyder for a client who uses it as a daily driver. How about that, imagine being fortunate enough to be in a position to drive a Ferrari every damn day. As usual Ammo NYC AKA Larry Kosilla comprehensively externally and internally cleans the 458. No cleaning detail is left unturned, he even cleans the inside of the wheel hub mount.

The 458 hasn’t been cleaned for over three years, but it is protected by paint protection film which proved to be problematic to remove. This is no $5 hand car wash cleaning service, Ammo NYC is more akin to a cleaning engineer.

The end result looks awesome. The client probably spent around $5,000. Imagine being in a fortunate position to be able to spend $5k on getting your Ferrari cleaned during a pandemic… cleaning a Ferrari be like…

Cleaning A Ferrari Be Like - Dailycarblog
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