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If The Toyota BZ4X Makes Into Production, They Can Take Our Money now
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Toyota, in terms of styling and design language, is somewhat cautious and conservative. This is what happens when you become the world’s biggest manufacturer of cars. Simple, plain styling is cost-effective to manufacture. Most people who buy Toyota do so because of reliability, styling doesn’t factor into the equation. Car manufacturers are great at concept design, and concept designs are primarily used as publicity stunts. The same is true for the fully electric Toyota BZ4X concept. And the origami-inspired styling is a radical departure for the typically starch collared behemoth.

Toyota BZ4X Concept SUV - Rear - Dailycarblog

Toyota’s current lineup of products is blander than twanging on an elastic band. The RAV4 and CHR are interesting and the new Highlander is a brutal-looking monolith. But in the realms of the fantasy world of concept design the BZ4X is Toyota’s entry into the very real world of battery-powered electric cars. We do not know too much on the technical side. We do know legacy manufacturers such as Toyota are 15 years behind Tesla.

Toyota BZ4X Concept SUV - Interior - Dailycarblog

So we expect a battery range of about 200 miles and fast charging capability. Technology in-step with current tech trends. Toyota says that the production-ready BZ4X will feature an onboard solar charging system. But don’t expect this solar charging system to offer a significant boost. At most you will get between 1-2 miles of additional range. The system is most likely to used to power the air-con or infotainment system.

Toyota BZ4X Concept SUV - Steering Wheel - Dailycarblog

Toyota hasn’t really embraced battery-powered electric vehicles having spent billions and decades developing hybrid and hydrogen-powered technology. The switch from the latter to battery/electric drivetrains is a sign that Toyota is following market trends. In reality, Toyota is playing catch up because they will have to rapidly develop a technology that wasn’t in their long-term business planning until a few years ago. So expect many teething problems from supply-side issues to technical.

Toyota BZ4X Concept SUV - Side Elevation - Dailycarblog

That’s why we say if you want an electric car buy a Tesla. The technology is more advanced and the charging infrastructure and capability kick’s arse. And no, we do not have a relationship with Tesla. Nevertheless, the production variant of the Toyota BZ4X concept will retail ready by 2022, expect prices to start at around £45k. It will mark the beginning of a campaign to introduce 15 new electric-battery powered vehicles by 2025.

Toyota BZ4X Concept SUV - Dailycarblog
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