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Mechanic Totally Repairs This Irreparable 7 Series

I can barely summon the strength to change a wheel bolt when I pick up a flat tyre. I just make a call, let someone else do it. But in Russia where the average monthly salary is measured in pints of Vodka, (it’s actually $480 USD/month) needs must. This 5th generation BMW 7 Series (F01-4) was badly in need of being written off. But needs must and this mechanic decided it was a repair worth doing.

Now we are of the opinion that this video shows an actual dismantling of a BMW 7 Series and the video is being played in reverse. We can not prove it but we feel it’s about time we jumped on the Russian conspiracy theory bandwagon. If respected media outlets can do it, so can we.

The reality is, we are not respected, not even by our daily readership (the dog, next-door neighbor’s cat, and Jeff Bezos).  But anyway, IF, this is a real repair kudos to the mechanic.

BMW 7 Series - Repair - dailycarblog
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