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Hey! It’s The New Renault Arkana Crossover Coupe
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Honestly speaking, we here at DCB HQ do not buy Renaults. Most of us have in the past and found out to our considerable cost just how lousily engineered these cars are. But that has always been the Renault way, every component is costed to be made as cheap as possible. And the costed again to made yet cheaper. We don’t mind cheap, we like cheap cars but Renault seems to do cheap badly. Even their top-end cars feel low grade and they don’t do many top-end cars. But it doesn’t matter how badly Renault sucks, people are still buying them. You know what maybe we should motivate ourselves to test a Renault to see what they are doing these days..

If a current day Renault is as horrific an experience as the Renault UK press office then there is little hope left for humanity. But we’ll have to wait and focus our attention on the Renault Arkana Coupe Crossover. If you live in the UK, and if you can motivate yourself to reach that mouse, you can now pre-order the Renault Arkana right now. Prices start from £25k for entry-level models. The Arkana is available in three trim levels and will be powered by 1.3-1.6-litre, 4-cylinder petrol, diesel and mild/full-hybrid powertrains.

Renault Arkana - Rear View - Dailycarblog

As standard, the entry-level Arkana Iconic (we’re not making that name up) rides on 17-inch alloy wheels. LED Headlights with dusk sensing, Parking sensors, automatic wipers. Passive and active safety tech are also standard. On the inside, you get electric windows all-round, a 4.2inch digital driver’s display, a 7-inch infotainment system, auto air-con, Bluetooth, DAB, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

If you want to spend more money believing it will bring you greater levels of self-indulgence then be our guest. Go ahead, spend up to £30k for top-spec trim levels. I dare you.

The end. 

Renault Arkana - Dailycarblog
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