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Geely Has Got Vision Starburst And The Rest of The EV World Wears Bifocals
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Geely Autos has sharpened its coloring pencils and lined up a good supply of crayons for the reveal of its latest concept, Vision Starburst. Starburst previews the future Geely product pipeline. Which is technical jargon for new car launches. Vision Starburst is a four-door saloon with look-at-me front and rear scissor doors. Inside and out it has head-turning, eye-catching looks. Which is exactly what a concept is designed to do. Production realities, scaling, etc will ensure Starburst concept is never built. But some features will make it into production, the headlight arrangement for example.

Geely Vision Concept 2021 Rear - dailycarblog

The other reality for Geely is that their current lineup of cars is rather uninspiring. Or rather is inspired and influenced by European brand designs. For example, the Geely Tugella looks like ever so much like a BMW X6 SUV. 

Geely Vision Concept 2021 - Scissor Doors - dailycarblog

Perhaps Vision Starburst is so designed to give Geely its very own in-house created design language. The company has learned how to manufacture and scale automotive production in a relatively short space of time. Maybe they should have called it Geely Originals. Alas, it sounds like the name given to a popular boiled sweet manufacture as much as Vision Starburst does.

Geely Vision Concept 2021 - Interior - dailycarblog

No word on engines or electric powertrains, that is not the sole purpose of this particular concept. Geely is very much the poacher turned gamekeeper and this concept is perhaps the moment when Chinese design language came to the fore.

Geely Vision Concept 2021 - dailycarblog
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