Jaguar Land Rover CEO Takes Another Swipe At Jaguar And Land Rover
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Since becoming the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover last Autumn Thierry Bollore has occupied his time by formulating a ‘Reimagine Plan’. He has also spent his time being publicly critical of Jaguar Land Rover’s current product strategy. Bollore specifically labeled Jaguar a “damaged” brand, which is an unbelievable own goal of monumental proportions. It’s like a warning siren telling consumers “don’t buy Jaguar!”. Such a statement adds further pressure on an already beleaguered and worn-out brand. However, Bollore isn’t stopping the public criticism of Jaguar or Land Rover anytime soon. Now he is openly admitting that both brands are plagued with reliability and quality issues.

Yes Mr. Bollore, thank you for confirming what everybody already knows. The exception being the British motoring media which has been patriotically waving the flag for Jaguar Land Rover for years, blinded by their specific desire to keep the Jaguar corpse alive through the power of well-written reviews. During a recent interview with Autocar, Bollore said:

“Our results have been unacceptable, but we know how to fix them. It’s not science, just hard work. Already the 2021 results are better, but we have more to do.”

If Jaguar Land Rover knows how to fix quality and reliability issues, why didn’t they do it already? Why has it taken Bollore to identify and instigate a turnaround…plan? Or is all of this just talk? Other than creating a new board position to oversee quality and reliability what metrics are going to be used? what solutions have been proposed? What the hell has Jaguar Land Rover been doing all these years?

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Prior to spending his time publicly, slut-shaming Jaguar Land Rover Bollore, worked for Renault. Yes that Renault, who accused Bollore of alleged financial governance problems during the Carlos ‘The Fugitive’ Ghosn era. Yes, that Carlos Ghosn the one who prided himself on being called the “Cost Killer”. Yes that Renault, which is always near the bottom of the reliability and quality barrel. And Bollore, has been parachuted in to tackle Jaguar Land Rover’s Q and R?

They’re havin’ a laugh.

I’ve owned and fixed Renaults over the years and I can personally attest to the obvious cost-cutting on every single component, from simple screws to washers. And now Bollore, wearing his $3,000 suit and hand-made fitted shirt and tie, is positioning himself as the Crusader In Chief who will restore Jaguar Land Rover’s overall quality? He’s just flapping his gums and making unimaginative and uninspiring statements that are pouring fuel onto the Jaguar Land Rover funeral pyre. They do not know what they are doing…

They’re havin’ a laugh.

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