The all new 2023 Skoda Superb
Skoda Reveals The All New And Thoroughly Modernised Superb
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You may be perplexed as to why we’ve decided to showcase a banner image of a potato, but fear not, for there’s is a valid reason. The potato — a vegetable of unparalleled versatility, possessing the extraordinary ability to be sliced, diced, chopped, mashed, boiled, fried, roasted, or even air-fried. This extraordinary spud complements dishes ranging from baked beans to a lavish roast dinner. The potato, a seemingly unpretentious fare, is relished by both the affluent and the less fortunate, standing as society’s paramount equalizer. Fear not, for the potato holds no biases; it graciously welcomes all into its starchy embrace.

And this brings us somewhat neatly to the all-new Skoda Superb. We’ve seen the press images, and one might find the Superb Hatch sharing a somewhat uncanny resemblance with its predecessor, while the estate seems to be doing its utmost to avoid any accidental identity crisis with the VW Passat. The only genuinely fresh feature, however, is the interior, which shamelessly pilfers design cues, lock, stock, and smoking barrels, from the Octavia.

Just as a potato can undergo renewal and rejuvenation or steadfastly remain a potato in its most fundamental form, it seems the “all new” Skoda Superb is akin to a potato in its rawest state—unchanged, much like the unwavering nature of a potato, which steadfastly retains its essence regardless of additional ingredients.

Beng the belligerent motoring journalists we’ve evolved into, we still have a duty to uphold the values of journalist malpractice, eh, I mean unbiased values and conclude this article with humility and impartiality. In the UK, the “all new” Skoda Superb is expected to be priced from £35,000 for entry-level models.

What have we become…

The all new 2023 Skoda Superb
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