Buying Guide For an RV Direct TV Antenna

RVs are designed for fun and getaways. Whether you want to go on a road trip or spend some quality time in the woods, these vehicles will provide you with maximum comfort.

Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t watch your TV while you’re on an adventure. RV Direct TV Antenna allows you to obtain signals for your TV, so you can continue watching your favorite channels regardless of where you go.

When shopping for a direct TV antenna for RV vehicles. You should only go for the best. Here is a guide to help you make the right decision.

  • Price

Price is the first thing you think of when shopping for an item. The prices of antennas vary depending on certain factors like size, quality among others.

First, have a well-planned budget to avoid impulse buying. In most cases, the most expensive items are considered to be the best ones but, this might not always be true.

You should always factor in things like material, features, and overall quality before settling for a particular one. Also, avoid purchasing items that are way above your budget.

  • Material

The two main materials used to make this unit are aluminum and plastic. Aluminum is known to be highly durable, weather and rust-resistant, and sturdier.

On the other hand, plastic units are lighter and cheaper. Ask yourself where you’re going to install your unit before choosing a certain material. Aluminum Antennas are ideal for outdoor installation while plastic antennas are perfect for indoors.

Additionally, aluminum antennas boast better TV signals compared to the plastic ones which are mainly placeholders. Basically, high-quality units have more metal than plastic.

  • Functionality

Keep in mind that TV antennas have different functions so you should only choose one that is made for an RV.

Also, be sure to double-check whether the unit is made for outdoor or indoor use. Plus, understand the difference between digital satellite antennas and HTV ones. See this link to read more insights .

  • Aesthetics

Choose an item that compliments your RV appearance. The choice of your antenna can make or diminish the overall look of your RV.

It is important to ensure the unit matches your vehicle’s aesthetics. This includes its color and style. For instance, if you want you to want it to have a sleek look, choose an antenna that matches that style.

  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning

An outdoor unit is likely to get dirty or dusty. You might even find bird’s nets lodged around it if let outside for a while.

As such, it may require constant cleaning and maintenance. Nevertheless, some models are easier to maintain than others and less prone to dirt. For example, the modern units are designed with less surface area meaning there is less space for such issues to amass.

Older models, on the other hand, have tree-like patterns which trap dirt and attract birds to build nests on them. This means you will need to clean the traditional models often to make sure that it works smoothly.

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  • Reception quality

Reception quality is affected by various factors including, the shape of the antenna, your area terrain, weather, the quality of the antenna, and the distance from the broadcast station.

The unit you need must have the capacity to receive high-quality signals for clear Tv images. If the quality of signals received is low, your TV may fail to access some channels. Make sure the device you opt for can extend upward for better reception quality.

Extending the unit upwards is also the best way to circumvent local train obstructions or distant broadcast stations.

  • Size and Weight

Small and lightweight units are easier to carry and install while the large ones are bulky but tend to give quality signal reception.

You may want to consider a medium unit offering both qualities. An outdoor model should be strong and steady, not feeble to withstand harsh weather conditions. Strong winds can easily break a flimsy device no matter how expensive it is. Indoor TV antennas should be portable enough for easier storage.

  • Wi-Fi Capacity

If you’re planning to use the internet when driving your RV, then go for those models with Wi-Fi capabilities. TV antennas with strong Wi-Fi capacity are the ideal option for those who enjoy camping in places with low internet coverage like deep into the woods. Click here to read more.


RV antennas come in handy for those who like watching TV while camping or on the roads. Nevertheless, for you to enjoy your favorite channels uninterrupted, you will need a high-quality unit. While there are so many TV antennas out there, getting the right one may not be so easy. Be sure to factor in things like material, size, and ease of maintenance among others in your search. Once you understand what to look for in an RV Direct TV Antenna, you must also explore and compare the best brands in the market.

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