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Car Watch: The Balancier 3 by Greubel Forsey

How do you create a timepiece with a comfortable diameter into which the Atelier Manufacture movement can fit? How can you make the piece more affordable when it still has to be 100% hand-finished? The Balancier 3 answers all of these questions.

From the outset, the Balancier 3 is characterised by its three prominent bridges: the first of which houses the barrel, the second for the large balance wheel, and the third, and most striking of all, is attached to the seconds counter and supports the hour and minute hands.

Balancier 3 Timepiece - Caseback

The timepiece fuses classic and modern styles, the idea was to create a simple, streamlined and contemporary design that allows you to admire the finish of each of the movement’s components.

Balancier 3 Timepiece - Watchface

The Balancier 3 case is even slimmer than before. Its lugs no longer have screws—a first for Greubel Forsey. The Convexe case is profiled on both the back and display sides, making it truly unique in fine watchmaking.

Balancier 3 Timepiece - Caseback

Offering total comfort, the piece naturally follows the curvature of the wrist. On the dial side, the double curvature dips towards each end of the strap, creating the highly aesthetic volumes that the movement uses to deploy itself.

Balancier 3 Timepiece - Mr Boat Man

The Balancier 3 is priced at $183,000 and is available in a 41,5 mm diameter in two black and blue versions limited to 88 pieces each, with a rubber strap or a Greubel Forsey titanium bracelet upon request.

Balancier 3 Timepiece - Luxury Lifestyle
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