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There is Nothing Rebellious About The Cupra UrbanRebel Concept
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When you work for a multi-billion dollar revenue generating rocketship, you don’t do rebellious. You know your place, you are part of a system, you are a tax-paying payroll number. Your job, working for that billion-dollar corporation is to… do your job and if your decisions lose money you may well end up losing your job. That is the way of any giant corporate entity. Juliette Kellman knows this better than anyone, and we here at DCB admire her for her shrewd abilities. Shrewdness is a form of rebellion. Being rebellious is standing up against the system, whatever the system. Being rebellious is shouting the loudest, making the comfortable feel uncomfortable. So how is the Cupra UrbanRebel Concept rebellious?

The truth is it isn’t. Like all concepts, it is a way of generating marketing leads, a way of funneling sales be it future or present. Concept cars are also a way of previewing a future model or a way of burying bad news. Seat has always been a problem child for VW. For more than a decade the Spanish VW entity has lost money, year in year out. So what is this so-called ‘rebel’ concept going to do? what is the purpose of such a concept?

Cupra Urban Rebel Concept - Side Elevation - Dailycarblog

It looks interesting, which is kind of like a purpose to exist in this cruel harsh world. And we know, in the future, all Seat cars will adorn giant rear wings because who needs self-driving automation technologies, or advanced AI algorithms when you can have giant rear wings? OK, enough of the waffling. The Cupra UrbanRebel (it isn’t) is a sneak peek of an all-electric car due to be launched in 2025.

Cupra Urban Rebel Concept - Rear View - Dailycarblog

Volkswagen has instructed executives at Cupra, which is a member of Seat’s B-squad, to make around 500,00 electric cars over an unspecified period otherwise the powers that be will line up the Cupra powers that be against a wall and shoot them all… out of a cannon and into a crocodile-infested river. Meanwhile, the UrbanRebel concept is powered by an electric motor generating 335bhp, a peak of 429bhp, and a 0-62mph time of 3.2 seconds.

That doesn’t sound rebellious to us, but we’re going to close our minds and pretend it is, YAY!

Cupra Urban Rebel Concept - Dailycarblog
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