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Top 5 Mods You Should consider For Your Ford F-150 According To American Trucks

American Trucks (AT) host, Justin Dugan heads up the latest episode of AT’s “The Haul” YouTube series. The new video shows 2021 F150 owners where to begin when modifying their rig. Justin’s top 5 list includes functional mods, appearance upgrades, and parts that combine a little bit of both. The video arms 2021 F150 owners with the confidence to get started with guidance from an industry expert.

The parts highlighted in American Trucks new episode include the Mammoth 2.50-Inch Front Leveling Kit, Proven Ground Low Profile Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover, Weathertech Floor Liners, Magnaflow 3-Inch Street Series Single Exhaust System, and new wheels and tires. Justin talks about cost and options for each mod, providing before-and-after footage and sound bites where appropriate.

AT’s new episode of “The Haul” motivates 2021 Ford F150 owners to bite the bullet on their first upgrades. The video breaks down 5 starter mods along with the reasons for each choice.

Ford F150 Upgrades - American Trucks - Dialycarblog
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