Carwow Shrinks Mat Watson For Mercedes Maybach GLS Review

For the sake of not being sued by Carwow and Mat Watson, we can confirm that Mat Watson of Carwow has not been shrunk by Carwow or affiliates. But the Mercedes Maybach GLS is huge, the camera perspective in this particular video review makes Watson appear to be smaller than the average human. Nevertheless, Mercedes are still trying to flog the Maybach brand. When compared to the Rolls Royce SUV, all other SVs are dead.

But that doesn’t deter Watson for he is determined to drive and be chauffeured in the Mercedes Maybach GLS… like a boss! It also should be remembered that Mercedes owns shares in Carwow, so Watson has VIP access to the Mercedes fleet.

Price for this overpriced luxurious monstrosity? £165K

It’s been some time since we featured a Carwow video, after all, we here at DCBHQ have made negative comments about Mercedes, which isn’t going to win us any friends. Sorry Carwow people, we just can’t help ourselves.

But it’s good to be back and good to be bad (us, not them, we’re not journalists, we’re pirates floating adrift in a worm-ridden hull.).

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