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No Time To Die Theatrical Release Causes Internet Search Spike… For Aston Martin

No Time To Die is Daniel Craig’s final outing as the fictional British spy character James Bond. And as with any new theatrical Bond release, a short-term burst of product placement excitement froths up.

Searches for Aston Martins on Auto Trader spiked with an increase of 75% following the release of No Time to Die over the weekend. Cinemagoers looking to fuel their Bond fantasy caused a surge in views for classic Aston Martins, with the top three most viewed classic cars over the past week being two DB5s and a DB6. 

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If you’re an action lover who’s into classic cars, you’re in luck, as a limited-edition Aston Martin Vantage 007 is now up for sale on Auto Trader. It is one of just 100 of its type worldwide, purposefully produced to commemorate the new Bond film. Advertised at a cool £200,000, you may as well treat yourself, You Only Live Twice, after all.  

Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007 has smashed box office records, becoming the biggest movie of the year after only four days in cinemas.

No Time To Die Sponsors Dailycarblog
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