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The New Range Rover Teased Ahead of Worldwide Premiere
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The new 2021 Range Rover is due to receive its public premiere on we don’t know where or which date. After 50 years, the Range Rover still retains the ultimate exclusivity its overwhelmingly narcissist owners crave in a luxury SUV. Namely rotten reliability, dodgy electrical wiring. Range Rover is an overhyped status symbol, bought by white supremacists who masquerade as obese eternally stressed out local business folk who hog the road with the self-importance of bird droppings. It is a far cry from the marketing Land Rover uses to promote its brand to the world.

In the world of Land Rover marketing, the Range Rover is driven by young, cool, photogenic people dressed head to toe in Hackett finery. And you know what? I have owned Land Rovers in the past. A 2005 Discovery, and Ranger Rover Sport, loved driving them, great comfortable cars but bloody unreliable. A friend of mine bought a 2015 Discovery. Not even a year into ownership, the engine catastrophically broke down. He had to sink a further £12K to replace the engine. And he still loved that damn thing.

That’s the thing with Land Rover, the allure draws you but the lack of reliability keeps you awake at night. Despite all that, we’ve never had a problem with Land Rover the product, no matter how flawed a product it is. Our problem has always been with Land Rover the people. And we’re referring to Land Rover UK PR. Land Rover UK PR is like visiting the Deep South circa 9th April 1861.

The press fleet coordinator is a covert racist operating in plain sight. We notice how Land Rover UK PR is trying to counteract this known-known by ‘allowing’ more minorities into their press events. Yet they still employ the racist operating in plain sight. 

The world’s gone mad.

New 2021 Range Rover Teased - Dailycarblog
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