Skoa Enyaq A War Criminal?
Is The Skoda Enyaq Covering Up Crimes Against Humanity?
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The Skoda Enyaq, a Volkswagen Apology Tour ID3 Anakin Skywalker in disguise? What we are referring to is redemption. The Skoda Enyaq has arisen out of mandated necessity, not out of a specific purpose. It exists to ensure Volkswagen doesn’t get its corporate arse whooped by European environmental legislation and to ensure the German state is satisfied Volkswagen is not indulging in yet more wrongdoing. Such as Deiselgate Part II, Assisted Suicide. We, the motoring press flagged waved for VW’s range of best-in-class diesel engines. We the motoring press drank from the wine vaults of VW press events. We the motoring press accepted the invitations. We the motoring press drank the VW-supplied Kool-aid. We, the motoring press flag waved without any critical analysis. Critical analysis is the very backbone of journalistic ethics. But they are all too often tanked up on booze to know any better.

We, the motoring press have been bought by the corporate marketing departments. We the motoring press do the bidding of Volkswagen to attract the attention of VW’s annual advertising spending budget. And do you know what the irony is here? We, the Daily Car Blog, are not even motoring journalists. And we’re fine with that, we don’t want to be part of any club if it involves covering up and flag-waving for Volkswagen. And here is an example of the latest flag-waving and then covering up. The all-electric Skoda Enyaq (which is a re-purposed VW ID4 Anakin Skywalker) has won yet another award in the UK.

Skoda is boasting that the Business Car Car of The Year Award is the third such accolade given to the Enyaq in the space of a month. They should be saying it’s the third such flagging waving, cover-up trophy in the space of a month. But what a turnaround after 25 years of dieselgate. This latest award for the all-electric family SUV is acceptance. Acceptance that dieselgate is a thing of the past. Acceptance means it is time to forget and move on. But what about that family who lost a loved one as a direct result of dieselgate? What do they get? Only eternal suffering.

Acceptance of the Enyaq is accepting that the thousands of lives lost every year as a direct result of 25 years of dieselgate is a small price to pay to receive a dodgy trophy from a room full of boozed-up motoring experts. The irony is that VW’s enforced shift to an all-electric future is meant to save the world from climate disasters and therefore save lives. We can safely assume that lives lost due to 25 years of dieselgate toxins were a necessary sacrifice.

And now Volkswagen through its corporate satellite Skoda is being rewarded with recognition for this bold new nihilistic vision of the future. A dodgy trophy from a room full of boozed-up motoring hacks. The world’s gone mad but at least the VW marketing copywriters will be happy.


Skoa Enyaq A War Criminal?
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