Humpty Dumpty EQC
Back To The Drawing Board For Mercedes As The EQC is Recalled
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Well, here it is the future of electric mobility as defined by Mercedes. It appears to be a familiar future, the same old story of recalls due to the application of dodgy production techniques. Over 19,000 EQCs sold worldwide are being recalled after an investigation by Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority found that the ECQ’s steering control unit could suddenly fail without warning. The investigation uncovered that water ingress into the wiring harness could, over time, cause the steering unit to fail. The issue, and it is a very big issue, could also affect the functionality of the steering assist.

Mercedes EQC 4Matic interior

The ECQ went on sale in 2018, and was meant to be a bold new step into an electric car future. But the pure electric SUV has been hit with numerous reliability issues which have led to multiple recalls. In this new case, the vehicles affected were sold between 2019-2020. It seems Mercedes knows how to make an electric car. However, for a company that sells itself as a luxury car brand, it appears the quality control doesn’t quite match the marketing.

Humpty Dumpty EQC
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