Rolls Royce Dawn Reviewed By Serious Mat Watson - dailycarblog
Mat Watson Finally Gets Serious As He Reviews The Rolls Royce Dawn

The Rolls Royce Dawn is the epitome of ultra-luxury motoring. And an acknowledgment of how far you have yet to go. The fit, finish and engineering of any Rolls Royce feel as though it were hewn from stone. And often rivers of 24K gold trim stitching run through the interior because if you have the money then why not. The Rolls Royce Dawn, son of Ghost, is a £282,000 600bhp convertible. And no, Dawn owners do not breathe bespoke oxygen either with the hood lowered or raised. They breathe the same air as you and I.

Often we wonder what kind of air Mat Matson is breathing and or, possibly, the type of air he is inhaling. The not-so-serious YouTube host of Carwow is a big deal these days. Since we started to feature Carwow videos on this site, Carwow’s YouTube subscriber base has grown to over 6 million. And that’s all down to the Daily Car Blog.

And yes I do see pigs flying, every day. Every damn day. Anyway, the Rolls Royce Dawn, no other convertible comes close.

Rolls Royce Dawn Reviewed By Serious Mat Watson - dailycarblog
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