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BMW Boss Says Tesla Should Not Be Considered A Premium Brand
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We don’t know what it is about BMW corporate but they seem to have a sense of self-importance about them. For example, they only work with established media, whatever that means exactly. And now that sense of self-importance extends to a dismissive attitude towards Tesla. Out of touch BMW CEO, Oliver Zipse, is trying to fabricate a message through the eyes and ears of the ‘established media’ (meaning compliant messengers) by claiming Tesla should not be considered a premium brand. Why should we believe him? Why should we take the CEO of BMW seriously? Afterall BMW created a cesspool of lies and committed fraud over dieselgate. And, a few years before, they got banned by Google for manipulating Google’s search engine ranking system.

While Tesla was creating a revolution, BMW was busy dieselgating while championing its ‘clean’ diesel engine technology. We know how that turned out. But it seems BMW’s CEO is turning a blind eye and rewriting the script. Conjuring a narrative like a magician conjures a rabbit out of a hat. Speaking to the ‘established media’ billionaire-funded Bloomberg, he said:

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse:

Oliver Zipse - BMW CEO - Charlatan - Daily Car Blog

“Tesla isn’t quite part of the premium segment. They are growing very strongly via price reductions. We would not do that since you have got to last the distance. Where we differ is our standard on quality and reliability. We have different aspirations on customer satisfaction.”

In terms of reliability, according to JD Power, BMW is outside the top 10. That’s not very reliable, but it could be considered a different standard. And the quality isn’t as good as they claim. Zipse was speaking out as Tesla begins to make significant in-roads on BMW’s U.S. sales territory. This is turning into a turf war between BMW and Tesla and Zipse is basically a highly articulate, trash-talking charlatan.

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Zipse should learn that talking is golden, silence is silver. He should let the BMW brand do the talking for him because he is unintentionally shining the spotlight on and promoting Tesla.

Oliver Zipse - BMW CEO - Daily Car Blog
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