The Saphe Drive Mini, A Small But Powerful Speed Camera Detector

If you have the resources to buy a brand new car, you can be sure it will be equipped with the latest infotainment features such as voice command, gesture control, etc. And your brand new car will also have built-in Sat Nav that will notify you of the correct speeding zones and even speed camera detection. However, an OEM speed camera detector is most often an optional extra reserved for top-spec models. Usually at an exorbitant extra cost of course. Suffice to say, if you want built-in speed camera detection in your brand new car, it will always be an eye-watering expensive optional extra. Why pay all that extra money when you can buy speed camera detection technology for the fraction of the price and is also technically superior? And what if you are one of the many people who do not have the available means to buy a new car yet desire to beat those speed camera blues, thus negating the accumulation of fines and penalty points?

That person is you, yes you, the one who is reading this. There is hope for you, new car owner, and you the many who make up the used car market where the technology transfer has yet to make an impact, if at all. You the many, used car owners, can now beat the hidden profit generators, otherwise known as speed cameras, by outwitting them with a relatively affordable technically advanced speed camera detector.

Saphe Drive Mini Speed Camera Detector - Daily Car Blog

The Saphe Drive Mini is one such speed camera detector, a small, lightweight, compact external device that fits into the palm of your hand. But it’s not meant to fit into your hand, it is designed to be mounted into your car in a number of configurations. For example, the Saphe Drive Mini comes with a mounting bracket and a double-sided sticky pad so it’s super easy to install on the dashboard.

A secondary mount is available to allow you to place it in between the air vents, The Saphe Drive Mini is small and compact enough not to be a distraction. Yet the buttons are large and therefore easy to access. And the notification graphics are easily readable and understandable. So how good is the Saphe Drive Mini speed camera detector? what does it give to you, the many? Below is a list of the Saphe Drive Mini’s many talents:

1. Traffic data from +11,000,000 motorists in Europe and the UK

2. Warns you of all speed cameras and accidents

3. Warns you of hazards, traffic jams and dangers ahead

4. Starts up automatically. Connect the app once. Then just drive

5. Works throughout Europe. +100,000 speed cameras in 97 countries

6. Color display that turns on when you need to be alert in traffic

7. No subscription is required. Easy installation and usage

Using the Saphe Drive Mini is easier than blinking, or avoiding a McDonald’s drive-through because there is no starchy bloatware. The first step involves downloading the Saphe App onto your smartphone, connect and pair the device via Bluetooth and away you go. The Saphe Drive Mini is community-driven. Meaning, if you happen to stumble across a newly installed speed camera the Saphe Drive Mini will alert you.

Saphe Drive Mini Speed Camera Detector - Der BMW - Daily Car Blog

Instead of having to whip out your smartphone to log the encounter with that errant speed camera you use the Saphe Drive Mini. This then pings out an alert to other Saphe users and slowly but surely that rouge speed camera is ‘Saphe-ed’ out of existence thanks to the digitally enabled Saphe community.

The Saphe Drive Mini costs £59.99, has a battery life of 6 months, and can be recharged via a micro USB. It is a simple to use yet powerful device that will not only save you money and stop the accumulation of penalty points on your driving license, but it will also literally save you time.

Saphe has teamed up with DCB to provide readers of this blog with a 15% discount on the Saphe Drive Mini and related products. The discount code is active until the 1st of January 2022.

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