4 Signs You Need a New Muffler Replacement
4 Signs You Need a New Muffler Replacement
A failing muffler can significantly alter your vehicle’s performance. You may notice a lower gas mileage and other performance issues. But how do you know if your exhaust is failing? You might suspect that something is amiss, but if you’re not sure, these signs you need a new muffler replacement will help you pinpoint the issue.

Loud Noises

Is your car really noisy? If you hear abnormally loud noises or even a different tone to the exhaust, you could have a failing exhaust bellows. Any damage, including wear or tear, can cause odd noises, and those are symptoms you shouldn’t ignore. Not only will this issue cost you more at the gas pump, but you also run the risk of an officer saddling you with a noise citation.

Bad Gas Mileage

Dwindling gas mileage is another sign that something is wrong. Even though it’s a subtle sign—and another issue, such as driving inefficiently, could be the culprit—bad fuel economy can stem from a rusty muffler, broken gasket, or cracks in the pipe. When this is an issue, your engine ends up working harder to compensate for the bad exhaust.

Starts Slowly

Have you noticed that it’s getting harder and harder for your car to accelerate? This is yet another sign you need a new muffler replacement. If you notice a lack of power when accelerating after a complete stop or merging lanes on the highway, you’ll want to take your car to a mechanic so they can diagnose any problems.

Weird Smells

Odd odors are also a sign of a malfunctioning muffler. A weird smell can mean there’s a leak in the exhaust pipe or that the exhaust isn’t reaching the converter. While this isn’t a problem for your car, it will affect your health. Exhaust fumes contain harmful gases like carbon monoxide that can have severe consequences. If you notice any strange smells, you’ll need to take your vehicle to a repair shop to have the muffler replaced immediately.4 Signs You Need a New Muffler Replacement
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