Volkswagen Passat is dead viva the Passat Estate - Daily Car Blog
The Volkswagen Passat Saloon is Dead, Long Live The Passat Estate
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VW has finally admitted defeat and has decided to put the Volkswagen Passat out of its miserable existence by ending production of the saloon (sedan) in Europe. The obvious reason is that the saloon no longer makes any economic sense because of dwindling sales. Customers are choosing practicality and function over form. The Passat estate and Arteon are simply selling in higher numbers. VW’s accountants acted without hesitation, culling the Passat saloon in Europe is simply an economic priority.

It also marks a shift in consumer taste, the age of the mid-sized, mid-priced saloon is over. However the Passat saloon will soldier on until 2023, so expect VW to literally give away the model by slashing prices. A heavily revised Passat is due to be revealed in 2023, it is unclear if the saloon will be invited back to the party.

Industry analysts expect the all-electric VW Aero B saloon to effectively replace the Volkswagen Passat by 2023. The VW Aero B will be inspired by the styling of the ID Space Vizzion concept first previewed in 2019.

Volkswagen Passat is dead viva the Passat Estate - Daily Car Blog
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