Dembell Motorhome Review by Enes Yilmazer - Daily Car Blog
This Incredible And Futuristic $1M Dembell Motorhome Includes A Garage

Enes Yilmazer swaps the sunny climbs of California for the chilly, barren landscape of Wilhelmsdorf, Germany where he pays a visit to Dembell, makers of the Dembell Motorhome Model M. The Model M is no ordinary Motorhome, for the very reason that it costs over $1M. And for that you get a luxury appointed motorhome that even has a small garage for your little city car. The Model M comes in three sizes, S, M, L. The large version can even house a sports coupe such as an Aston Martin Vantage.

The Dembell Motorhome Model M is based upon a modified Mercedes Actros truck which is powered by a 12.8-litre, 530bhp V12. Is this motorhome the pinnacle of luxury or the pinnacle of vanity? Who knows, but if you are able to afford such a vehicle, it’s highly likely you will not be driving but driven around in it.

This is a money no-object purchase for the intended buyer who most likely travels across Europe during a 2-week summer vacation. In other words, this is a 2 week a year workhorse.

Dembell Motorhome Review by Enes Yilmazer - Daily Car Blog
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