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WOW! Watch This BMW iX Change Colours At CES 2022
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Hats off to BMW who probably pulled off a neck-snapping show-stopper with this color-shifting iX electric SUV. The demonstration was captured on a smartphone and uploaded onto YouTube by RonsRide News. It was immediately presumed that the video was an elaborate CGI to promote BMW’s arrival and presence at CES 2022. However, BMW later clarified that it was indeed planning to demonstrate paint shifting technology at some point during CES 2022

We’ll have to wait and see if that is the case. Nevertheless, if it is a real tech demo, then wow! The color change appears to be limited to just two tones, white and dark grey. This indicates that the color shift is technically limited due to its primordial infancy.

BMW has not revealed how the color shift technology works. At a guess, it probably works by using very low voltage electrically charged paint particles mixed into the paint. Let us assume this paint-shifting vehicle is not driveable in the wet.

CES 2022 BMW steals The Show - Daily Car Blog
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