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Why Motorcycle Alarm Should be Your Next Investment 

Installing a GPS tracker motorcycle alarm is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your motorcycle. Since this vehicle is easy to steal, unlike other 4-wheels, you need to invest in an alarm to know exactly where your bike is and help you get it back.

However, not all alarms can give you the security you need. Cheaper ones or poorly installed alarms can be easily disabled, more so by a skilled thief.

People are weighing the pros and cons of buying a GPS tracker. While some are still doubtful if this is worth the money, it would be best to know the features that ensure its reliability, especially when you need it the most.

Here are some of the best reasons why a motorcycle alarm with gps should be your next investment. After all, your motorcycle is an investment also worth protecting.

GPS Approximate Location

The GPS tracker allows you to track your bike’s location if the paired Key Fob is not around. The Key Fob should always be with you, and as soon as it detects that the key is nowhere near the vehicle when it starts to move, the tracker will alert your device. Aside from it, the tracker app will also give you messaging alerts and daily updates of your motorcycle’s location.

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Some high-end alarms also use advanced technology to give you the best approximation of your vehicle’s location even when the GPS is unavailable. There is also an engine kill technology perfect for thwarting theft or any unauthorized use. You can just send an SMS to the GPS Tracker then it will shut the engine off after a few seconds.

Longer Battery Status

Motorcycle GPS alarm can either have an in-built battery with a battery life of 1 year or more or use your bike’s battery as its power source. The bike thief can easily cut it off from the power source and quickly disable it if it is the latter.

To ensure that this won’t happen, it is better to look for an alarm with alternative power sources with decent battery life. Some alarms may also have an additional feature of monitoring the battery and even alert you if it needs changing any time soon.

No to GPS jamming

Even if GPS jamming is illegal in many countries, it is better to be safe from expert thieves who might know any way to jam your GPS. Some may even store your motorcycle in a location with jamming equipment. The good thing is most of the bike alarms in the market have high-end technology and advanced positioning that will let you track the bike’s location even if it’s taken indoors with GPS unavailable.


alarms in motorcycles are built to withstand extreme weather, leaking fuel, and even power washers, leaving you free from any worries that the tracker may get wet and fail to work.


With full weather protection and heavy-duty water-resistant construction, your tracker can continue working and doing its job no matter the condition.

Works well with a mobile application

Aside from an SMS, all the updates for your motorcycle activities and tracking routes can be directly seen on the mobile application of the specific brand of the tracker. Most of the alarms are compatible with both Android and iOS devices such as phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads.

May it be to thwart theft, monitor your vehicle activities, or track your route, a motorcycle tracker has a lot of benefits that will be worth the price. Just look for the best tracker brand in the market to ensure that you get the most out of it.

David Beckham Used Motorcycles dailycarblog.com
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