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What To Do With A Wrecked Car? Understand Your Options

If your car has been into some accident and has been completely wrecked, there are only a few things which you can consider while dealing with it.

Here we have listed some options which you can think about for dealing with wrecked cars. 

What to do with your wrecked car?

Option 1: talk to your insurance company 

The easy way to deal with your wrecked car is to contact your insurance company. According to insurance law, depending on the state, they will replace your vehicle with a comparable one.

If not, they will offer cash by estimating the value of your car depending upon its condition. 

In case you go for cash payment, and there is still a car loan that needs to be paid, your insurance company will check out deals with both you and your dealer. After the loan is paid, the remaining left money is yours. 

However, if the insurance company pays you less than what you owe your lender, the difference has to be paid from your pocket. 

Option 2: Leave the Car as the way it is

Many wrecked cars remain in drivable condition; if so, you can continue using them in the same condition. This can be considered if it is not highly impacted or damaged and cannot be run without repair. 

Before hitting the road, make sure to run by the mechanic to ensure it is safe and not give up on you in the middle of the road. 

Option 3: Preserve it for parts

Another thing which you can consider is preserving it for its parts. This is best to opt for when your insurance company has refused to pay or compensate for it. Its parts can be sold later to people who use similar model cars. 

Option 4: sell it off 

If you think selling parts is not something you can handle, then save some trouble and sell it off to a junkyard or companies that can buy your wrecked car and pay money in return. They evaluate the condition, determine its value and pay accordingly. 

These companies even pick up cars from your place to save your time and effort. Visit for more details on car removal in Sydney. 

Option 5: donate it to someone

You can also donate the vehicle to a non-profit organization. Various organizations accept cars as a donation, even those that are wrecked. Not just that, donating the vehicle as a charity can also be claimed as a tax deduction. For tax deduction, you would require a receipt showing the date and name of the organization to which the donation was made.

Option 6: repair it

Another option is to get your wrecked car repaired; this is an option when insurance is not paying, and you don’t want to give it away. However, before getting it repaired, consider the following things;

  • Whether the car can be fixed easily?
  • Is the car in drivable condition?
  • How much repairing a car will cost you?
  • Is it worth spending money on repairing the car?
  • For how long are you planning to drive the car?

Repairing a wrecked car can be more expensive than repairing regular damages. Finding parts of old vehicles are harder to find than the new ones. Installations also become difficult. If repairing the car is going out of budget, you should reconsider your options.

Option 7: Trade it in

If you have plans to buy a new one, your dealer will give you an option to trade it in. The professionals will get you a fair amount of exemption while buying a new car in exchange for your old car


 Depending upon the condition of your car, you can explore the options mentioned above while dealing with wrecked cars. 

Wrecked Cars -Daily Car Blog
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